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Company Overview

Sir Philma ImageSIR PHILMA Sdn. Bhd. began its small operations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last October 2014, it started during the grim year of Malaysia’s Aviation Industry, with national carrier’s tragedy, the two partners, Yusna and Marla created the vision that will help many Malaysians who will be a part of the retrenchment program of MAS and will lose their jobs. With their partnership in manpower business since 2005 and businesses of their own, which is supplying manpower as vendors with MAS, SAE, AAE concentrated on the Maintenance side. The two partners’ started deploying Malaysians to Singapore, mostly Aircraft Technicians, they believe that Malaysians are world class workers.

In January of 2016 Dr. Joel Mendoza joined SIR Philma contributed a bigger vision thus AGENSI PEKERJAAN SIR PHILMA SDN BHD abound.


Dra. Yusna Hj. Sufian

Dr. Hjh. Yusna Hj. Sufian – Managing Director

Dr. Hjh Yusna Hj Sufian has a double Masters Degree in Human Capital Management (EU) and Certified Master of Management BMA (UK). She also possesses a Doctorate in Business Administration, specializing in the disciplines of Management and Consulting.

Dr. Hjh Yusna Hj Sufian is a multi talented individual with vast and varied experiences in the working world, in Malaysia as well as Denmark, USA, Indonesia and Singapore. She has also served in various positions in a senior capacity for medium and large organizations as well as multinational corporations.

For the past years she has contributed giving her services to Malaysia Airlines System (MAS), Sepang Aircraft Engineering (SAE), Airod Sdn Bhd, Airod Aerospace Technology Sdn Bhd and Composite Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) in providing professional manpower under vendor programme and providing professional qualified consultant to Weststar Aviation Sdn Bhd.

She has also been appointed as Panel for National Occupational and Skill Standard (NOSS) under the Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia in 2009.

Her areas of involvement span the Aviation Engineering and Technical, Healthcare, Logistics, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Administration, Human Resources, Customer Service and Education industries.

Ms. Marla Martinez

Ms. Marla P. Martinez – Director (Marketing and Business Development)

Ms. Marla started as Flight Attendant in two major airlines then served as VIP/VVIP/Corporate Flight Attendant in Mid-East and Asia.

After her stint as Airline Cabin Crew, she opened her own POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) accredited manpower agency in the Philippines but which was sold in 2007. As a leading supplier of Filipino workers of various job specifications where she concentrated on deploying aircraft technicians to Malaysian Airlines, Ms. Marla realized that aviation is one passion that she cannot leave behind.

Eventually, this led her to pursue her vision of coming up with the first world-class flight attendant training school in the country.

Believing in the importance of skills development as an effective tool to employment, she advanced into aircraft maintenance training program where hands- on courses were designed that provides expertise and competence to interested aircraft maintenance engineering (AME/AMT) graduates.

In response to the ever rising demand for personnel in the aviation industry and the obvious scarcity of aviation workers both locally and internationally and with the aviation industry on its progressive development evidenced by increasing number of MRO, airline companies, small aircraft manufacturing in the local aviation area as well as the mega airbuses deployment and assembly in the continental global arena, Ms. Marla resolved to develop aviation programs that will solve even just a part of the scarcity problem.